Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge

I-495 / I-95 over the Potomac River


Project Description

Located in Washington, DC, the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge is a 6,000-foot long replacement for the existing structure which carries Interstate I-95 / I-495 over the Potomac River.

The twin replacement structures feature deck widths of up to 148 feet utilizing a unique structural system that mimics the arch bridge at other points along the Potomac River.

The concrete v-shaped piers were designed to be built using the pre-cast segmental method. There are four steel girders which sit atop each V-Pier and support a reinforced concrete deck. The 175-foot navigation channel is spanned with an eight-leaf double bascule structure.


         Jason Hatcher's Role

Jason Hatcher was employed as a Lead Senior Draftsman by Parsons from September 2001 - June 2007. During that time, Jason was a senior draftsman on the Woodrow Wilson Memorial Bridge design team.

As senior member of the design drafting team, Jason was responsible for the design drawings of the unique V-Piers, including the post-tensioning and reinforcing steel configurations, which were particularly complex in the "knuckle" area of the V-Piers as they connected to the longitudinal structural ties.