At Hatcher Technical we take pride in providing drawing documentation that is right the first time. Because everything we detail is constructed in the field from our drawings, we take care to make sure the drawings reflect general construction realities and site or project specific needs. Our mission on every project is to identify and eliminate any potential conflicts and constructability issues from the design and then detail the drawings to simplify the on site construction process, saving the project time and money.

We know we have been successful when our phone does not ring, because that means everything is running smoothly on site.

If you are looking for a responsive project partner who has a great depth of construction detailing knowledge to detail your complex project, Hatcher Technical is ready to serve you.

Drafting and Constructability

  • Fully integrated shop drawings
  • 3D models of structural components
  • Constructability reviews
  • Design drawings
  • Value engineering drawings

Structure Types

  • Precast segmental bridges
  • CIP segmental bridges
  • Post-tensioned structural members
  • Bridge piers, pier caps, straddle bents and towers
  • Bridge and building foundations
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