Benicia Martinez Bridge (I-680)

(Congressman George Miller Bridge)

Carquinez Strait, California


Project Description

The Benicia Martinez Bridge is 1.7 miles long, carrying five lanes of traffic. It is a post-tensioned reinforced concrete box girder constructed with cast in place balanced cantilevers.

Because I-680 is classified as a lifeline route, Caltrans designated the new Benicia-Martinez Bridge a "lifeline" structure. The bridge was designed so the main-span structure would withstand a functional level earthquake with minimal damage and an immediate service level. For a safety level earthquake, the structure was designed for an immediate service level for vehicles shortly after a major earthquake with minimal repairable damage. The bridge also features the Bay Area's first open-road tolling, toll-booth-free lanes for FasTrak users, intended to alleviate traffic congestion problems, especially during commute times.

The bridge was completed in August of 2007 at a cost of US$1.3 billion.


         Jason Hatcher's Role

Jason Hatcher was employed as a Lead Senior Draftsman by Parsons from September 2001 - June 2007. During that time, Jason was the lead draftsman for the Benicia Martinez Bridge.

Using light weight concrete, the bridge superstructure was heavily congested with reinforcing steel and post tensioning hardware. A site based team with representatives for the owner, designer, constructor and construction engineer was set up to quickly and efficient resolve congestion and constructability difficulties. Based on site, Jason led site based team of drafters and engineers and represented the construction engineer in daily meetings to resolve construction issues as they were identified. Jason also led the project drafting team for the construction engineer and was personally responsible for the integrated shop drawings for the complex hinge segments (5 hinges total) and several pier tables, as well as overseeing all shop drawing production.